Below-the-hook Lifting Devices

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For decades, D&S Hoist and Crane has been helping companies of all sizes with their unique overhead material handling demands and challenges. Our attention to detail is why our below-the-hook lifting devices can be found in mills, factories, scrap yards, and warehouses across North America.

All below-the-hook lifting equipment from D&S Hoist and Crane is designed and manufactured in conformance with the ASME B30.20 standard and is tested in-house. All welds are certified to D1.1 weld specifications by an outside unbiased testing service.

We have extensive experience working with a diverse range of industries such as the scrap, intermodal, manufacturing, mining, nuclear, pulp and paper, steel, and automotive sectors. Our technicians can fabricate virtually any type of below-the-hook lifting device or remanufacture an existing device to better-than-new condition.

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Specializing in customized and niche market designs.

Have an uncommon or highly specialized application? Our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to create custom designs of below-the-hook devices or to fully redesign an existing device to meet the unique requirements of your business.

More than cranes: Spreader beam and attachments.

We don't just work with cranes. Our CAD service allows us to create all-new implement attachments and spreader beams for a wide range of material handling vehicles including reach stackers and forklifts.

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Our team has decades of experience on all makes and models of below-the-hook lifting devices

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Automatic tongs are used for lifting and moving industrial loads in a wide variety of industries. The tongs can be opened and closed remotely by a crane operator.

Commonly used in coil-handling applications, c-hooks are available in single, double, or multiple hooks and can be configured for a range of jobs including paper roll handling, slit coil handling, mill duty, high temperature, and more.

D&S Hoist and Crane offers crane hooks that boast heavy duty construction to allow for the safe lifting of large loads. These products can be built to include powered rotation of up to 360 degrees.

Man baskets are special below-the-hook attachments used to lift personnel in the air. Primarily used for inspections and repairs.

Drum tilters enable precise rotation for controlled pouring and dumping of loads. Drum tilters can be modified to safely handle hazardous materials.

D&S Hoist and Crane specializes in Heppenstall brand below-the-hook devices, a leading manufacturer of material handling equipment with roots in the Pittsburgh region.

Ladle hooks are specialized hooks used in hot metal applications. D&S Hoist and Crane offers customizable build and capacity solutions for these devices.

These are below-the-hook lifting devices that are used to lift coils horizontally (eye horizontal) or vertically (eye vertically). Used in aluminum mills, fabrication plants, and metal service centers, lifting coils are highly customized and can be configured for the weight and dimension of individual loads. Rotation, motorization, and telescoping are common options.

D&S Hoist and Crane offers multiple types of lifting tongs for handling a large variety of loads. Tongs can be customized for individual applications.

D&S Hoist and Crane specializes in Mansaver brand lifting devices. Although these products have a reputation for longevity, we can repair or upgrade any Mansaver equipment you have in service.

Pallet lifters are below-the-hook attachments used, as the name suggests, for handling pallets. Pallet lifters can be configured to be adjustable, telescopic, or multi-fork.

Used in the paper and textile industries, our roll handling equipment includes roll tongs, spreader beams, c-hooks, upenders, and other specialized lifting devices.

As the name implies, these devices are commonly used to lift and move sheets of steel or aluminum. These lifters can be custom designed for each application based on the size and dimensions of the loads handled.

Slab tongs are used for handling single and multiple slabs. They can be mechanical, hydraulic, or electric motor driven. They can also be configured as a supporting tong, gripping tong, or pressure tong.

Configurable and highly customizable for a wide variety of material handling applications, spreader beams can be equipped with single or multiple attachment points, which can be adjustable or fixed.

Highly specialized lifting devices for handling stacked, difficult to grasp, or delicate loads. Vacuum lifters can be equipped with single or multiple vacuum pads.

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