There are 315 parts to OSHA 1910.179. Don’t face them on your own.

Let D&S Hoist and Crane conduct mandatory OSHA or ASME crane inspections at your facility to keep your business compliant and your workers safe. Our certified crane inspectors receive the highest levels of training, have successfully passed all certification exams, and have logged a minimum of 2,000 hours in the field.

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Our skilled inspectors offer three types of inspections:

  1. Frequent + Wire Rope Inspections – OSHA or ASME
  2. Periodic Inspections – OSHA or ASME
  3. Custom Crane Inspections – Based on manufacturer recommendations

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Frequent Crane Testing: Daily to Monthly Intervals

Engage D&S Hoist and Crane to conduct frequent crane inspections based on guidelines established in OSHA 1910.179(j)(2), which require monthly inspections and certification for hooks with deformation or cracks and hoist chains. We also inspect all functional mechanisms and rope reeving for noncompliance with manufacturers’ recommendations.

Periodic Testing: Monthly to 12-Month Intervals

OSHA 1910.179(j)(3) mandates complete inspections of every crane system in addition to the items outlined in section (2). D&S Hoist and Crane offers two types of periodic testing designed to satisfy the strict requirements of OSHA or ASME. Level One Inspections are based on provisions established by OSHA; Level Two Inspections meet the guidelines of ASME.

The intervals for these inspections are determined in part by factors like duty cycles and the conditions of the operating environment.

Level One Periodic Inspections: OSHA 1910.179(j)(3)

Level One Periodic Inspections are based on OSHA standard 1910.179. This three-part inspection includes functional testing, review of operating mechanisms and visual checks that will ensure the safety of your lifting equipment. Once completed, we will provide you with OSHA-required documentation showing your compliance with all regulations.

Our certified crane inspectors will assign ratings of “satisfactory,” deficiency,” or “recommendation” to each of the items on our multipoint inspection checklist:

  • Brake(s) operation
  • Bridge accessible disconnect
  • Bumpers, stops, sweep
  • Capacity marking and labels
  • Conductors and power supplies
  • Control cabinets, contractors, electronics
  • Correct direction of motions
  • Drive gearboxes and line shafts
  • Emergency stops
  • Hoist gearboxes and bearings
  • Drive and bridge gearings
  • Guarding covers
  • Load hooks and latches
  • Locking and clamping devices
  • Other limits and indicators
  • Pendant, remote, and cab controls
  • Proper rope reeving
  • Runway disconnect
  • Structural (crane, jib, monorails)
  • Test run of all motions
  • Upper and lower limits
  • Upper sheaves and equalizers
  • Warning lights, horns, etc.
  • Wheels and bearings
  • Wire rope / chain
  • Wire rope drum and sprockets

Level Two Periodic Inspections: ASME B30.2

Level Two Periodic Inspections are based on the requirements of ASME B30.2, which cover many of the same areas but are more stringent than OSHA guidelines.

Our ASME-compliant crane inspections include a thorough review of all crane components with special attention paid to the following issues:

  • Deformed, cracked, or corroded members
  • Loose bolts or rivets
  • Cracked or worn shaves and rope drums
  • Worn, cracked, or distorted parts such as pins, bearings, shafts, gears, rollers, locking and clamping devices
  • Excessive wear on brake system parts, linings, pawls, and ratchets, including coil rewinds
  • Load, wind, and other indicators over their full range for any significant inaccuracies
  • Gasoline, diesel, electric, or other powerplants for improper performance
  • Excessive wear of chain drive sprockets and excessive chain stretch
  • Electrical apparatus for signs of pitting or any deterioration of controller contactors, limit switches, and pushbutton stations

Custom Crane Inspections

If your cranes are subject to especially demanding duty cycles and heavy loads, a customized inspection program might be the best fit. We will go above and beyond government regulations to ensure you get maximum safety and performance from all of your equipment. We will work with you and take into account every aspect of your operations to develop a robust, efficient and cost effective program that will protect your crew and your cranes!

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