Turn back the clock on wear and tear.

It’s a fact of nature: After years of use, cranes and crane parts will begin to deteriorate, leading to reduced productivity, performance, and potentially unsafe working conditions. If purchasing new equipment proves to be prohibitively expensive, the rebuild and overhaul services from D&S Hoist and Crane can rescue your bottom line. We will reverse the ravages of time and restore your cranes and parts to original condition for a fraction of the cost.

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Get a complete snapshot of your equipment’s condition.

When we restore a crane, our experienced technicians completely disassemble all crane parts, inspect them thoroughly, and give you a detailed status report on each component. Our comprehensive list shows what can be replaced, what can be repaired, and what can be reused. Every step is transparent and will give you a total picture of the condition of your crane.

Upon completion of our review, we will provide you an honest estimate of all costs and let you compare the value of rebuilding the crane with the cost of purchasing a new one.

We restore overhead cranes from the ground up.

There is nothing that we can’t restore. No matter the age, size or manufacturer, we can get most cranes operating as well as they did on the day they were first installed. The specially trained technicians at D&S Hoist and Crane can:

  • Disassemble and rebuild cranes of any capacity.
  • Restore electrification systems, including craneways, trolleys, hoist controls, bridge drives, and trolley festoon systems.
  • Modify girder length/span.

In certain instances when your equipment has to be moved to our facility, we can even find replacement parts or components that can be substituted in while we work on the original.

We can rebuild virtually anything including entire cranes, hoists, ladle carriers, below-the-hook components, crane brake riggings, crane blocks, crane wheels, and complete trolleys. Once we’re finished, we’ll test your restored equipment and note the results for your records

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Your investment can last much longer than you think.

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