Overhead Crane Operator Training: What you don’t know can hurt you.

As an employer, do you know what your overhead crane operators know? How about what they don’t know?

The Crane Operator Training Program from D&S Hoist and Crane provides critical instruction for crane and rigging safety best practices. Our educators can be onsite at your location for a mix of hands-on and classroom learning that will prepare your team for the challenges of daily operations while keeping them safe.

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Do your operators know to…

Never carry loads over people?

“The employer shall require that the operator avoid carrying loads over people.”

From OSHA 1910.179(n)(3)(vi)

Never leave a load suspended?

“The employer shall insure that the operator does not leave his position at the controls while the load is suspended.”

From OSHA 1910.179(n)(3)(x)

Always complete a pre-use inspection? Or frequent inspection?

” At the beginning of each operator’s shift, the upper limit switch of each hoist shall be tried out under no load. Extreme care shall be exercised; the block shall be ‘inched’ into the limit or run in at slow speed. If the switch does not operate properly, the appointed person shall be immediately notified.”

From OSHA 1910.179(n)(4)(i)

If they don’t know, we can help.

Our overhead crane training covers these areas as well as:

  • Hand Signal Cards
  • Horizontal Sling Angle
  • Inspection of Rigging
  • Load Control
  • Riggers’ Responsibilities
  • Risk Management
  • Rigger Capacity Cards
  • OSHA and ANSI Regulations

Comprehensive overhead crane training is about more than complying with regulations; it’s about giving your team the tools they need to help your business succeed. Help us keep safety a part of the culture at your company.

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